Patti Anderson, DTM

"Every morning I begin with a nod to God for giving me another day. In that moment I make the decision to make the most out of what ever happens, and if it rains, I search out the rainbow".

Velynda Fultz, EC3

The District and its members are capable of excellence.  We can achieve that excellence with E3. 

Engagement – Open communication and encouraged involvement.  

Education – Supportive environment to pursue educational milestones.

Experience – Programs to enhance membership experience in club meetings and out.

Christine Crow, ACG, ALB, VC3

Let's get the most out of Toastmasters! As a very involved member in our district I bring experience, time, energy, and humor to succeed in developing programs and clubs for our District in the coming year.

Don Williams, DTM

"We all need people in our lives, who raise our standards, remind us of our essential purpose, and challenge us to become the-best-version-of-ourselves".

John Pejchl, ACS, ALS

Toastmasters has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams. I want to give back a little of all that Toastmasters has given me.

Hemanth Singh, DL2


James Baloun, CC, ALB

"We live in challenging times.  But we are Toastmasters - we adapt - we overcome - we succeed.  Allow me to help you and your clubs to adapt by using virtual meetings to continue improving your communication skills".

Greg Cieply, DTM


Elizabeth Sachnoff, DTM


Lamont Boyd, ACB, ALB